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Why We're Sponsoring the Pasadena Symphony Pops Summer Series

Hop in your Acura and head to the Pasadena Symphony Pops Summer Series! Here at Sierra Acura of Alhambra, we're a proud sponsor of this unique series of summer concerts! Why do we do this? As patrons of the arts, we recognize the vital importance that music plays in our society at large, and in our local community. Helping to sponsor the Pasadena Symphony (PYSO) concert series is just one way we show our appreciation for not only our customers, but also our community at large. Plus, we love being able to contribute to a series of events that…

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Schedule Your Next Tire Rotation Today

Regularly rotating the tires on your vehicle is one of the simplest things you can do to extend the life of your tires and get the best possible performance from your vehicle. This service only takes a few minutes of your time, and our professionals here at Sierra Acura Of Alhambra are more than happy to do it for you.

How do you know how often your tires should be rotated? You will want to check out your manufacturer's recommendations, but a good rule for starters is to rotate your tires at every other oil change. Or anytime you…

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Reduce Bounce: Service Your Suspension

As a car owner you understand that routine maintenance is important to keeping your car running safely, and the suspension is one system that needs to be checked. Below are some parts that make up your car's suspension and what they are responsible for:

  • Springs: Springs is responsible for absorbing the bumps and dips in the road. Luckily springs are meant to last the life of your car and rarely need to be replaced. (
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Push Your Car Further - Why Modern Vehicles Need Fewer Oil Changes

People who bought their first car in the 20th century were told they ought to change their oil every 3,000 miles. Then, when they upgrade to a newer model, they are surprised when the technicians at Sierra Acura of Alhambra tell them they can actually go even further between oil changes.

Modern vehicles can go anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 miles between oil changes. There are numerous advantages to these changes. It is better for the environment for you to change your car's oil less frequently. Additionally, it saves you time and money.

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What Do You Prefer to Drive?

Four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive are great but what's the difference? They are in different types of vehicles. For example, you will typically find all-wheel drive in vehicles such as sedans and crossovers and four-wheel drive in vehicles such as trucks and SUVs.

If you aren't sure whether you want all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive it can be helpful to decide what it is that you like to drive and how you like to drive. If you like to go off the beaten path in pursuit of adventure, then you will probably like to drive a truck over…

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Simple Steps to Improve Car Headlights

Driving around with headlights that are not acting optimally is dangerous for you, passengers, and other vehicles that are on the road. It is interesting to note that nearly half of all accidents on the open road occur in the dark, partly due to malfunctioning headlights. Here are a few simple steps to take now to improve your headlights and keep safe on the road:

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Understanding the Value of a Tire Rotation

Most drivers wait until the tires on their car are so bald they need replacing, but take a closer inspection, and you will see that not all the tread on all the tires wore evenly. In fact, two of the tires may still be in good shape. Here is why tire rotation is vital from our team at Sierra Acura of Alhambra:

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