Not All Dashboard Lights Are Immediate Warnings

Some of your dashboard lights will illuminate for reasons other than immediate warnings. These lights you may often see. If you have never seen these lights, then they may cause you to worry.

The door ajar light can come on anytime a door is open or not closed all the way. You may need to open and re-close all your doors for the light to go off. If it is still illuminating, then check your trunk or hatch. In the case that you have a jammed trunk, hatch or door, visit our service department here at Sierra Acura Of Alhambra. We can help you with this.

The cruise control light can illuminate when cruise control gets set. You may rarely use this function and get alarmed when you see the light. It is there to remind you that cruise control is on.

The traction control light can come on if you have it when your vehicle is losing traction on a slippery or wet road. Sometimes, this light can resemble a car with curvy lines behind the tires. When this light is on, your vehicle has engaged a traction control system. This system helps with skidding in slippery conditions.

When you use fog lights, a dashboard light can illuminate as well. It can look like a headlight with crisscrossed lines in front of it. It can look similar to the high beams light. It is to remind you that your fog lights are on.

If you ever find yourself unsure of what a dashboard light means, then visit us at Sierra Acura Of Alhambra. We look at your dashboard lights and give you a peace of mind.


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